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New Mexico State Association Basket for 2022 NCRA Conference


Liz Ramirez-Valdez with the help of Jennifer Sullo prepared the NM State Basket for the 2022 NCRA Meeting and they provided a picture of the completed basket. Thank you Liz & Jennifer for all your hard work. The proceeds from the basket to TRANM was well worth the effort. 

The Picture below is from the 2018 TRANM Educational Workshop with hopes for an updated picture after returning to in person meetings.

2022 NM Basket.jpg

ATTENTION TRANM Members: It is time to elect officers for the 2023-2024 term of office. Please look for further information/e-mails on this subject from our President. Anyone interested in running for a position please contact the current officers for information/questions as well as to be placed on the election ballot. Thank you.

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